brown and white boxer standing behind owner at dog show

Founded with an unwavering passion for the majestic and spirited Boxer breed, our legacy dates back to 1996. What began as a heartfelt journey with our first Boxer, Sabrina, has blossomed into a cherished endeavor dedicated to upholding the standards of excellence in Boxer breeding.

At Dajen Kennels, our devotion to this remarkable breed is not just a commitment; it’s a way of life.

Our story started with Sabrina, a vibrant Boxer who stole our hearts from the moment she entered our lives. Sabrina became more than just a pet—she became an integral part of our family, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and sparking a passion that would shape our future.

Our commitment to breeding goes beyond the surface; it delves into the essence of what makes Boxers truly exceptional. With every generation, we aim to preserve the distinct traits that define Boxers: their loyalty, intelligence, boundless energy, and that endearing, trademark underbite that melts hearts. Through meticulous pairing of pedigrees, health screenings, and a genuine love for the breed, we ensure that each Boxer is not only a representation of its lineage but also a testament to our dedication.

Guided by years of experience, a profound understanding of genetics, and a deep admiration for the breed’s history, we strive to produce Boxers that stand as shining examples of their lineage. Our puppies are raised in a nurturing environment, receiving the love and care that mirrors the bond between a Boxer and its family. As a result, they grow into well-socialized, healthy, and happy companions, ready to embark on their own journeys with their new families.

While we’ve evolved since our inception in 1996, our core values remain steadfast. Every Boxer we raise is a tribute to Sabrina’s legacy—a legacy of love, companionship, and the pursuit of breeding excellence.

As we continue to write our story with each new litter, we invite you to join us in celebrating the spirit of the Boxer breed and the incredible journey that began with a puppy named Sabrina.

Thank you for considering Dajen Kennels as your trusted partner in finding your next furry family member.

brown and white boxer standing on platform with owner behind it