Can CH Rodlin's Victorian Rose DOMC, CD, TT, CGC

aka: Tori

Int/Can CH Rodlin's Baywatch Knight, SOMC

aka: Mitch

Can CH Karjeanís Aztec At Heart Acres, DOMC

aka: Tecca

Can CH Dajen's Sir Francis Drake

aka: Drummer

Can CH Dajen's Bajoues

aka: Bajoues

Can CH Rodlin Dajen Haileys Comet

aka: Hailey

Can CH Dajen's Rodlin Starmaker

aka: Conner

Can CH Dajen's High Society

aka: Sabrina

Can CH Dajen's High Victory

aka: Cooper

BIS, BISS, Aust CH Dajen's Highly Likely at BTeez

aka: Larry

Can CH Dajen's Royal Encounter

aka: Erin

Can CH Dajen's Regal Desire, CGC

aka: Dana

Can CH Rodlin Dajen Skys The Limit

aka: Sky

Can CH Dajen's Victorian Secret

aka: Secret

Can CH Dajen's Storms A Comin'

aka: Storm

Am/Can/Chinese CH Dajen's Distant Thunder

aka: Rumble

Am/Can/Int CH Dajen's Hi Winds At Ruffian-L

aka: Jasper

Am/Can/Int CH Dajen Fenway's Jigsaw HIC TT

aka: Jag

Am/Bah/Can/Int CH Dajen'N'Nicklebrooke Deep Roots HIC TT DOMC

aka: Willow

Can/Int CH Dajen's Time Square

aka: Timer

Int CH DajeníNíNicklebrooke Pop The Cork 

aka: Cheers

Int/Can CH Dajen's Bunch Of Golden Honey 

aka: Honey

Can CH Rodlin Dajen Star O Nopper

aka: Star

Int CH Dajen's Some Beach Somewhere, HIC, TT

aka: KeWe

Can/Int CH Dajen's Southeast Show Stopper

aka: Luke

Can/Int CH Dajen's I'm A Knockout of Locksley

aka: JJ

Can CH Dajen's Southern Gentleman

aka: Rhett

MBIS MBPIS Hon/May/PR GCH Am/Int/Can/Pan/Lat CH  Dajen's Full Cord

aka: Oak

Can/Int CH Rincon's Silly Gilly

aka: Gilly

BIS UKC Can CH Dajen'N'Magray's Piece of the Puzzle

aka: Lily

Can/Int CH Dajen Jasmin Elegant Dream at Lustig S.T.A.R., CGC, BN, RN

aka: Jasmine

Owners - Steve and Mary Quinn

Can/Int CH Dajen's Will O Wisp at Quarterwoods

aka: Wisp

Can/Int CH Desert Dream Jazzy Girl

aka: Jazz

Can CH Dajens Nut-Meg

aka: Meg

Can CH Dajens How Do You Like Me Now
Can CH Dajen's Wind Through The Willows

aka: Lily

Can/Int CH Dajen's They Call Me The Breeze

aka: Breeze

FCI Int/PanAm/LatAm/PR CH Sulez Playboy

aka: Churchill

Am/Can CH Dajenís You Belong With Me

aka: Taylor

Can CH Dajenís Nick Of Time

aka: Nick

Can CH Dajenís A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action

aka: Sawyer

Can CH Dajenís Under The Mistletoe

aka: Smooch

Jennifer Bittner and Dajen Kennels

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